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Telling Ha Giang province, people always think about Dong Van karst plateau - the  northernmost land area of country. Stone was on here long time ago, stone has destiny and soul. In Dong Van, development of a person, development of a communication was concerned with stone. A birth of child, a part of intestine was put in stone. Houses were covered by stone fences. Lovers sat together and threw pan-pipe in the moonlight. To have healthy for children, their parents had to worship Stone deity that wished happily and supportively. When a person was died, he was also corved by stone. Stone was gone with people’s life, maize was raised up rock and traditional festivals, colorful fairs…were held on rocks.

 Dong Van karst plateau has average elavation 1400m – 1600m. According to survey result from geoscientists, this is outside transitional zone of China’s Yunnan province and Vietnam’s Northern Midland. Lung Cu is 24 km far from the central of Dong Van town in height 1500m, it is border area of Vietnam. As Dong Van karst plateau has high geological diversity and suffers from climate changes, karst evolution process has created various “rocky gardens and forests”, this type of rocky was formed earliest and oldest on Dong Van karst plateau. The mountains were sedimentary rocky systems and to be arranged in monoclinal posture.


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